Accessibility Statement – What is it and do I need one?

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Do I need an Accessibility Statement? What should I include in my Accessibility Statement?
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What is an accessibility statement?

An accessibility statement is like many other terms and conditions or policy pages. Its main purpose is to document and communicate your accessibility journey.

There are some key areas that need to be addressed in an accessibility statement :

1. Your Organizations name
2. Your Level of Accessibility Commitment
3. How This level relates to local/state/federal/ethical laws in your area
4. 3rd party services clause
5. What audits you have performed
6. What were the results of these audits
7. Who did these audits
8. What is your timeline for remediation
9. Who and How to contact if you have any issues
10. Accessibility Features of the site that you would like to highlight

This document should be in a page similar to a terms and conditions page, with the option to download as a PDF available.
If you want to be extra compliant (2.1AAA and 508 etc) then you could provide an audio recording of this also.

Here is a template, it will download as a PDF in a new tab –

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